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Australia's Migration Program Planning for 2022-2023 Announced

Here's what you need to know about the migration allocations for this financial year.

The Australian Government announced the planning level of 160,000 places for

the 2022-2023 year.

Skills Visa Stream

  • 109,900 places allocated, which is a massive improvement from last year's 30,000.

  • The stream has been created to enhance Australia’s economy’s production capacity and to fill skills gap in the labour market.

  • It includes funding for employer-sponsored, independent skilled workers, state and territory nominees, business investment and innovation, independent global talent, and exceptional talent.

  • To encourage foreign people to reside outside of Australia's major capitals, regional visas have more than quadrupled from the previous year. The number of state and territory nominated categories has also greatly risen with aim to give jurisdictions the ability to address their specific labour demands.

Family Visa Stream

  • Allocated 50,000 places

  • Family Visa Stream has provided pathways to citizenship for people who have partner, parents, children, and other family members who are Australian citizens.

  • Partner visa will be issued based on demand and will function similarly tothe child visa category, which has no cap. This will enable Australia toincrease its population and get better results for social cohesion.

Special Eligibility Stream

  • Allocated 100 places

  • This stream is for those with unique circumstances, such as permanentresidents returning to Australia after period overseas.

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